Torture of anarchists in Belarus

Belarusian anarchists Alexander Frantskevich and Akihiro Khanada, detained on charges of organizing mass riots, are being tortured by KGB officers. Alexander was beaten with electricity in the groin area, and Akhihiro Hanada was severely beaten in his presence. The KGB officers demand that the anarchists give confessions against themselves, and continue to intimidate the detainees by visiting them in the pre-trial detention center. The guys hold on and refuse to slander themselves.

We call on everyone to hold solidarity actions with Frantskevich, Khanadawith, with all Belarusian political prisoners and with the insurgent people of Belarus in general. Our comrades should not be left alone in the front of the face of a repressive system. Only by supporting each other can we withstand the state monster.

There is also a fundraiser in support of Alexander. When transferring funds, please mark “Frantskevich”.

In addition, you can write to detainees – moral support is very important for people in conditions of imprisonment and torture.

Frantskevich Alexander Vladimirovich
st. Volodarskogo 2, pre-trial detention center-1 (SIZO-1)
220030, Minsk, Belarus

Akihiro Hanada
st. Volodarskogo 2, pre-trial detention center-1 (SIZO-1)
220030, Minsk, Belarus

5351 0410 7826 7174 (Maryna Kasinerava) – constant collection dissidentby for political prisoners

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