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“Political party “Other Russia””; “5th April- the day of Russian nation”

Since the fall of USSR, hatred based killings in Russia continue to happen all the time. Antifa, who tries to prevent these crimes and to help alienated people, are also occasional victims of the extreme right. So was killed in 2005 a guitarist and antifascist Timur Kacharava, likewise Markelov and Baburova were assassinated in 2009. In the memory of the victims, marches are arranged every year on the day of their death- 19th of January.

A few definitions:

   Nazional-bolshevism aka nazbols – Russian imperialist and revanchist movement that embraces soviet esthetics and some elements of bolshevism but, in fact, it is fascist ideology that considers Russian nation the superior one and supports aggressive wars against former Russia’s colonies(e.g. Ukrainian, Georgian, Transnistrian conflicts).

   Antimaidan – movement against the results of Maidan Revolution of 2014 in Ukraine. It is mostly represented by Russian imperialists and fascists.

   Moloko+ – counterculture almanac created by Russian journalist Pavel Nikulin who travels a lot across Europe and interacts with local anarchists and antifascists. This article was created to expose facts of collaboration between Russian fascists and Moloko+ collective.

Russian march

Traditionally, close to 19th of January, people from subcultures start to raise questions about alleged participants of the annual antifascist demonstration, who collaborate with the Right during the year, but at the same time they try to hype themselves up using this march. For example, in previous years we have reviewed political party “Yabloko”, which has signed an agreement with neo-Nazi organization “Restruct” in Novosibirsk (in fact, they have changed their minds after the creation of publicity) and organized nationalist actions after the riots on the Manezhnaya square at the center of Moscow in 2010. And all of these facts didn’t stop them from performing as antifascists.

Now discussions were caused by the fact of the connection between countercultural almanac “Moloko+” and national-bolsheviks. We remind that “nazbols” not only openly share extreme right views and cover their bodies with nazi tattoos but also were noticed, for instance, in:

   -participating in extreme right “Russian marches”, including the one with slogans like “For Birulevo”. In that big Moscow district, pogroms broke up shortly before the march- participants were attacking people of non-Slavic appearance.

“For Birulevo”, “Take away and divide it up”

   -participating in Ukrainian antimaidan- reaction on the events of 2014 on Maidan square in Ukraine, in “Oplot” movement, which has been noticed in throwing petards filled with nails at women. “Oplot” joined the ranks of “Titushky”- hired brigands, provocateurs- similar to modern once paid by CCP in Hong Kong, attacking protesters and giving them over to the police.

   -Supporting Russian aggression in Crimea and in Donbass. Their support resulted not only in the propaganda and fund-raising, but also in direct participation in military actions. After that Limonov(leader of nazbols) started to appear on the federal TV channels, actively promoting imperialist slogans.

   Words of Averin, one of the nazbols leaders:

      We as imperialists think that Russia must take back territories that have been lost in the end of 20th century. We have never even hardly surrendered these principles, even in times of unity with liberals we have supported military actions in Southern Ossetia. We have never changed our opinions.        

in trenches near Sokolniky(Luhansk People’s Republic)
Tomorrow Russia will be bigger, “how much ?” depends on you today
Limonov in Luhansk, 2014

 Limonov about Putin’s annexation of Crimea:

           I am amazed, shocked that he had done that! I had a much lower opinion of him and thought that he would never decide. I’ve never expected that from him. For deciding on doing that and for having, as Americans say, “guts”, i.e. taking the guts out of himself to take over Crimea – for that he deserves applause, praise and glory

       During the last year “Moloko+” actively tried to affect antifascist and anarchist community by organizing different events and promoting their agenda. Now before 19th January, Journalist Trade Union affiliated with the almanac (which is led by “Moloko+” participants) encourages everyone to show up at the manifestation and to remind about imperialist threat.

       To find out about how exactly “Moloko+” “fights” imperialist threat, you can read telegram channels of Nazbols and “Moloko+” participants. There are plenty of mutual reposts, reports from mutual events and just mentionings of meetings and parties with nazbols.

       For example, here Pavel Nikulin from “Moloko+” visits nazbols at their office. He arranges an event for them.        

 On this photos, Pavel appears with Mikhail Axel, whose views are perfectly illustrated by his political biography. Before 2015 Mikhail was a nationalist but after finding out that many of his comrades have not supported Russian aggression in Ukraine, he joined “The Other Russia”(Russian:Drugaya Rossiya). For him, Antifascists are nothing more than “shavki”(meaning – little dogs, contemptuous name for antifa popular among nazis).

Mikhail Axel: “because of my age, I haven’t been around in the time of those stories, also counting the fact that I am in the party since 2015. Before that I’ve been with nationalists, then Ukrainian conflict happened, and I broke down my contacts with them due to a number of quarrels.
I agree with Olga. What you say about the right, antifascists, they all have extreme patriarchal views. For example, those shavki(syn. antifascist-dogs), which …”

You can also find advertising compilation of right/nationalist telegram channels on Nikulins resources which include nazbols, “Sputnik i Pogrom”(nationalistic news outlet) and “Moloko+” itself.

Beside that, there are many repost from nazbols themselves

       Almanac “Moloko+” itself generously lets nazbols have a word on their channel

       Here “Moloko+” author Anton Osherov brags, that copies of almanac are placed in the nazbol office. There also other photos from nazbol headquarters

       Other author is “very honored”

“The best review on Moloko+ of all the time. Very honored, that nazbols placed it in their bunker

Message from Osherov about drinking party with nazbols

  Btw, Osherov from “Moloko+” wrote an interesting article “I am nigger”, which is interesting in the context of him being member of an antifascist media. There, he declared that, in particular, “n****r” is the person excluded from society. Also it means progress. Today such “n****rs” could be right-wing people, which would “call a n****r as a n****r”

       To be a n****r- you don’t have to blackface yourself and wear gangsta, though maybe you can. It means to be the most despicable thing by fanatics, what is most pressured and what is most dangerous. Around what appear new taboo and new structures of disciplinary power, even if yesterday it was the flag of liberation.

       In some situations “to be a n****r” it means to be Anglo-Saxon Christian male. In some situations “to be a n****r” means being white, who says “n****r”.

       And for the dessert- the articles about antifascists and marches of 19th January from the official site of “Other Russia”. Pretty radical. Antifa- “pseudo antifascists, who seeds alien values of toleration, russophobia, and unnatural protection of sexual minorities”. Neo-Nazi – killers of Antifascists, though- are “fighters for healthy protection of society”.

      Other Russia

And for clowns- applause

       It appears, that this year antifa march in memory of Markelov and Baburova was under the slogan “Yes, death to fascism”, which in opinion of organizers, “ironically refers to old slogan of extreme right, firstly to francoists and nazbols”.

       Lefties obviously want to offend us with theirs’ banner, by positioning us as theirs’ opponents. But we don’t give a fuck, honestly! Our enemies sit higher on political ladder than the mix of city freaks, lgbt-worshippers and crazy-feminists, who after the whole year after the last march didn’t do a thing.

       Yes, death! To the real enemies, but for clowns- applause.


       On the anniversary of the murder of antifa Timur Kacharava(, the best thing is to understand the causes and motives of such killings and evaluate the chain of “Girenko-Kacharava-Markelov” and so on as a social process

I suppose that many will disagree with me. Once again, the so-called “anti-fascists” will shed tears: “he was killed out of hatred, and he won’t be back” and his opponents will joyfully exclaim -“ there is one Russophobe left, and there’s nothing to discuss ”. However, on which side you, dear reader, would not be (by the way, I am not on the side of antifa) – you always need to analyze such facts and learn from them. And the lesson here is not a small one, and here is one.

It was on this that the ethnographer Nikolai Girenko, brought up in the Soviet conditions of humanism, got burned up, he could not reconstruct and continued to realize his goals in the post-Soviet circumstances. As a result, his humanism degenerated into outright Russophobia, the unnatural defense of national minorities and the promotion of tolerance alien to any healthy society. From a scientist, he gradually turned into a politician hostile to everything Russian and it is not surprising that years later he was a victim of the most radical part of healthy forces, which are and will always be.

A philosophy student and antifa Timur Kacharava turned out to be a personality of a much smaller scale, but also had a considerable influence in the youth environment, already corrupted from above. He was a direct product of the regime, like Anastasia Baburova and other pseudo anti-fascists: broadcasting about pacifism, humanism, condemning hatred, they propagated imperceptibly a rejection of a natural attitude to everything foreign, and advocates of healthy protection for society from destructive processes called fascists.

One can freely choose to associate and work with people of different views and opinions, trying to find a middle line to protect their own position in this volatile world. Still having connection- is to have an action. We don’t know how it’s possible to try to work with both anarchists and fascists and not to experience cognitive dissonance.

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